About Us

       Coming together to explore new cultures and celebrate creativity will always be important and VIFFMP is the perfect medium for that. Visual literacy is an aptitude for this century and VIFFMP brings together the highest-quality stories to learn from. VIFFMP exists to inspire audiences and keep the excitement alive for cinematic experiences.

       VIFFMP is a meeting place for filmmakers and people who are interested in the world in its variety, different approaches to life, film as an art form, a medium and a tool of social expression. VIFFMP offers filmmakers a platform to introduce their work and discuss topics shown in the film as well as the filmmaking process. Helping at the frontline of an increasingly polarized world. Speaking multiple languages, VIFFMP gives the ability to hear a rich diversity of voices from the divided areas.

       VIFFMP is not out there just for the sake of films. We enliven with an idealism that enables filmmakers and diverse communities to share their ideas in close personal contact.


More than 350 Entries From

40 Countries.

Best of Feature Films,Tribal's Films & Documentaries

Roger Ebert

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.

Francis Ford Coppola

I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.







The state of Focus- Madhya Pradesh (MP)


Madhya Pradesh is our special focus. Our main aim is to promote and create interest in film making in Madhya Pradesh, especially in small districts. We have decided to zero entry fee for the residence of Madhya Pradesh. Filmmakers from MP need to submit address proof to entry their films, documentaries, short film, Music videos to the festival.


The subject of Focus- Tribal people, their life, and culture. 


VIFFMP feels proud to announce that we have special subject category-Tribal People, as the official selection we will show films based on tribal people. There is no entry fee for this category.